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In 1994 I visited a flea market in Mississippi and spotted an antique stained glass window that needed repair. I bought it, obtained a brief lesson on cutting glass and soldering from a local glass shop, then headed to the library for more information. Over the next few years, I purchased tools and stained glass, took many classes and workshops, and studied on my own. As my skill increased, local antique dealers asked me to repair stained glass windows and lamps.

In addition to constructing new windows and restoring antique windows and lamps, I teach classes. I have a studio at our summer residence in Maine, and one at the LeMoyne Art Gallery in Florida where we spend our winters.  I teach, construct, and restore windows at both locations.

We designed and constructed a pair of windows for a house on Deer Isle, Maine.
I designed and built this window for Peter Beerits, a sculpture on Deer Isle, Maine.
I offer beginning and intermediate classes in stained glass.
I repair and restore stained glass windows and lamps.
I have all of the necessary tools and a huge variety of stained glass. There are no additional charges; everything is provided.

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