When I was in thACM-thumbnaile 7th grade, I wrote an essay about exploring tidal pools along the coast of Maine. My teacher liked the essay and encouraged me to pursue creative writing. I stayed interested in writing and literature through high school and entered college in 1964 planning to major in English. But in my freshman year, I became excited about environmental issues and switched my major to biology.

After graduating from college, I earned a master’s degree, taught for a year at a community college, then obtained a PhD in aquatic biology. After a short stint as a biologist in the Louisville District of the Corps of Engineers, I moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi to work at the US Army Research and Development Center. For most of my career I studied freshwater mussels and methods for restoring and protecting freshwater systems. I retired in 2006, then taught Biology and Environmental Science at Thomas University, Thomasville, Georgia.

When I retired again in 2013, I had time to write. I had plans for a novel, and some ideas for short stories and essays.

During the warmer months, I live in a ten-acre spruce forest on the coast of Maine with my wife Kathryn and cat Smokey. We spend the rest of the year in Tallahassee, Florida. I have two children and four grandchildren.